Production Archive

Here is a list of all our productions at Theatr Iolo (past and present). As this is a new website, we will be adding to our archive over the next year. 

Running dates: 4th Nov - 30th Dec

Have you ever lost something? A toy? A tooth? A memory?

What if, one day, you lost all of your 'silly'?

 When the Emperor demands the coolest clothes to help him be, well, 'cool'... The call is answered by a pair of wily Weavers, who concoct a cunning plan and land everyone in an embarrassing situation. Who will help the Emperor rediscover his joy and silliness?


Sherman Theatre & Theatr Iolo present The Emperor's New Clothes - a reimagining of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. 

Written by award-winning playwright Alun Saunders, with songs and live music there's something here for the whole family this Christmas.

Running dates: 29th - 30th Oct

TETRIS by Erik Kaiel.
Inspired by the computer game of the same name, TETRIS is about fitting in to the group, and doing your thing. It's a gravity defying show where four dancers flip, slide, leapfrog and tumble over each other, and by the end of the performance even the audience is invited to have a go. It explores how we connect with one another, not by fitting in with the World but by changing the World to fit who you are.

Join Theatr Iolo & Cardiff Metropolitan University Dance Department after the performance for some fun workshops for children and young people aged 6 - 14 to explore the ideas, moves and techniques from the piece.

Running dates: 29th Oct - 30th October

Theatr Iolo presents No Man is an Island/My True North by Dutch dance company Arch 8, for those aged 6+ and their families.

These are  two dazzling dance duets that push the limits of physical possibility. After seeing this extraordinary double bill, one critic recommends that you had 'better not try this at home' Here's you chance to see why.

No Man is an Island is a balancing act like no other as one dancer climbs and shifts atop the other, without ever touching the ground.
In My True North, the dancers display superhuman endurance as they build a roller coaster of endless flow - twisting, turning, and climbing the walls, without ever losing contact.

There's also an opportunity for those aged between 6 - 14 to explore the ideas, moves and techniques used in the piece in with some fun workshops following each performance (place limited to 20 so book early!) 
Workshops are led by Theatr Iolo and Cardiff Metropolitan University Dance Department. 


Running dates: 10th - 11th April

The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Jem is 50 next year. Ella is 11. They are father and daughter.

Ella is ballet mad and has just started going en pointe. Jem is a professional, contemporary dancer and doesn’t approve. They have always danced together on the kitchen rug.

In Transition, they explore their shifting relationship through dance, conversation and film.


Shortlisted for the Best Dance Production award at the Wales Theatre Awards 2015




Running dates: 29th - 30th May

In November 2012, Greg stumbled upon the confession tapes of Ted Bundy, the American serial killer, rapist and necrophile. He couldn’t stop listening.

The Ted Bundy Project was born from a curiosity about the nature of charm, the label of ‘monster’ and the tension between attraction and repulsion.

Greg has a wig, a bit of rope, a few YouTube videos and Bundy’s confession tapes. Come and hear what he has to say to you.

“A slippery show that makes us face up to our morbid fascination...not to be missed.”
 * * * * Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Running dates: 27th - 30th May

Wot? No Fish!! tells the true story of a Jewish family living in 20th century London. From falling in love to quarrels about fish balls, audiences are taken on a funny and moving journey against the backdrop of a changing city.


In 1926 shoemaker, Ab Solomons, drew on the wage packet he gave to his new wife Celie. Throughout their marriage and into the 80s, Ab drew or painted on his wage packet every week for her. These illustrations depict, with remarkable honesty, the ups and downs of their life together.

Years later Danny Braverman discovered the lost art of his Great-uncle Ab on over 3000 wage packets. Now bread & circuses bring his story to life on stage in this captivating performance.

Running dates: 20th Aug


Created and directed by Sarah Argent

I’ve found  a box.
I’ve found a stick.

This box can be whatever I want it to be.

I can be -
Inside it. Outside it.
Under it.
On top of it.

This stick was the first toy in the world.

I can
Tap with it
Throw it and catch it.
I can balance it on my head!

A brand new play from the team who brought you Out of the Blue and Luna.

With an opportunity to stay and play after the performance.

Running dates: 21st Feb

As part of the nationwide What Next? Get Creative campaign led by the BBC, Theatr Iolo are hosting a public discussion in Chapter Arts Centre on Saturday the 21st of February at 12.30pm following the performance of the show If Only Rosa Could Do Magic. "Art is important otherwise we would all be robots” This is a comment we received from a young person recently and we want to ask in what way is this true? And what exactly did this young person mean? If it is, how do we ensure that children and young people all over Wales have access to a varied diet of meaningful arts experience? We would like to invite members of the public, artists, professionals from the arts and education sectors, and most importantly young people themselves to join us in the Chapter Stiwdio for a discussion on the role art plays in children and young people's lives and how we can encourage more young people to participate in creative experiences. Get Creative is a new, public-facing, year- long campaign led by the BBC together with many other partners. It aims to raise the profile of arts, culture and creativity, to highlight their central place in all our lives and to celebrate where they happen all over the nation. This event is free of charge and open to all and the discussion will be led by Theatr Iolo's Artistic Director kevin Lewis. If you’re thinking of coming or have any questions please contact Theatr Iolo at or phone us on 029 20613782.

Running dates: 20th Feb - 21st Feb

A deliciously funny and bittersweet clown show with a difference.

Some might say that Rosa has everything a girl could dream of.

She has the sweetest dress, the loveliest hair, lots of pink toys and as much candy as she could wish for, so why is she still sad? Rosa often wonders if there is something wrong with her… She has no friends to play with and her parents are always away.

So, to pass the time, Rosa creates her own dream world filled with dragons and frogs and parents who understand and have time to be with her.

Katja Brita Lindeberg was born and raised in Trondheim in Norway. She works as a stage artist and actress and specialises in clowning. If Only Rosa Could Do Magic has played to over 20,000 children across Europe and was one of the highlights of the 2014 Imaginate Festival of performing arts for children and young people.

Clowning workshops for kids following performances on Friday 20th at 11.30am and Saturday 21st performance at 3pm length approx. 50mins (places limited so early booking advisable)

Watch the trailer here:

There's also a clowning for kids workshop after the 11.30am show on Friday 20th and the 3pm show on Saturday 21st. Length approx. 50mins (places limited so early booking advisable)



Running dates: 9 Dec - 4 Jan


There's snow on the ground and lights in the tree, then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch... footsteps on the path - who can it be?

Ding, dong. Doorbell rings and there's a present for baby, not to be opened until Christmas Day. The paper's exciting - scrunch it, rumple it, crumple it... what can it be?!

An engaging and sensory show for babies aged 6 - 18 months (and their grown-ups) this Christmas.