About Us

Theatr Iolo is an award-winning theatre company, which for over twenty-five years has delivered witty, bittersweet and powerfully magical performances in schools, nurseries, village halls, community centres, theatres, forests, streets, playgrounds and even a cowshed in Austria. We have performed all over Wales and the UK, and internationally across Europe, Russia and Korea.

Our vision is to share stories for a lifetime

Although our roots lie in theatre for children and young people, our work is relevant to all ages. A person’s first experience of Theatr Iolo at six months old will hopefully be the first of many throughout their lifetime. We see beauty in fragility and tell bittersweet stories that transport you and lift you. We think and feel about things deeply, and we invite you to do the same. We don’t shy away from difficult issues.

Our productions are brave enough to go to darker and more though-provoking places. They are truthful and compelling with an understated, quiet strength. We believe that as long as we are unflinching in the way we present the truth, our stories will always be relevant. Questions are welcomed and everyone’s opinion counts. We don’t always do things in the conventional way. We promise to give you spellbinding stories for modern times and for all to enjoy.

We hope to welcome you at one of our performances soon and encourage you to come and say hello.